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a stick about a meter long with a point on one end (to stick in the ground) and a forked head on the other end (to hold a lighted match)

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Leading prices: Holstein Friesian PS1780 (x2), PS1750 (x2) PS1720, PS1700, PS1620, PS1600 Brownfield Farm, PS1680 Linstock Castle, PS1500 Bluehills Farm, Montbeliarde PS1750 Brownfield Farm.
Lee Arnold Speers, aged 23, of Linstock Way, Longford, Coventry, using a vehicle without insurance, fined pounds 100 and banned from driving for 14 days.
Self-employed builder Barney, of Linstock, near Carlisle, has spent more than pounds 20,000 on the team since taking over as manager.
Leading prices: British Friesian PS1800 Bluehills Farm, PS1650 (x2) High House, Holstein Friesian PS1800 Home Farm, PS1800 Bluehills Farm, PS1750 Linstock Castle, PS1600 Seaville Cote, Brown Swiss PS1520 Hesket House, PS1200 Midtown Farm.
Leading prices: Holstein Friesian PS1700, PS1400 Linstock Castle, Swedish Red & White PS1250, PS1050, PS1020 Sandford Hall.
The thefts have been concentrated in Anderton Road, Newmarket Close, Seaford Close and Haydock Close, in Aldermans Green and Dalwood Way and Linstock Way in Longford.
Elsewhere on the field, a homebred Texel gimmer shearling from Nicholas Woodmass of Harene, Linstock, Carlisle, had a great day.
Robert James Byers, aged 48, of Linstock Road, Aldermans Green, Coventry, failing to provide a specimen or specimens of breath, fined pounds 1,000 and banned from driving for five years.
Ruth Alcroft, 33, and her 15-month-old child Taryn were sleeping at the house they rent in Linstock, near Carlisle, Cumbria, when an out-of-control lorry hit the building.
One man called at the home of the 79-year-old man, in Linstock Way, at around 3.
Leanne Horner, aged 28, of Linstock Way, Alderman's Green, Coventry, three charges of making false representation to obtain social securit and three offences taken into consideration, conditional discharge for one year.
Limousin: pounds 255 (x2) Gate Farm, pounds 255, pounds 240 (x2), pounds 235 Balladoyle, pounds 245 Crawfordjohnmill, pounds 225, pounds 200 Kirkbride House, pounds 215 (x2) Tempest Tower, pounds 205 Byegill Farm, pounds 175 Cumdivock Farm, pounds 170 Linstock Castle, pounds 168 Bankfoot.
Bulls: Limousin pounds 195 (x3) Tempest Tower, pounds 165, pounds 158 (x2), pounds 152 Balladoyle, pounds 155 Bolton Lodge, pounds 152 Low Mill, pounds 138 Nook House Farm, pounds 132 Panteth Hill, pounds 125 Riggheads, Charolais pounds 165 The Trees, Belgian Blue pounds 150 (x2) Woodclose, pounds 142, pounds 110 Meinbank, pounds 140 West House, pounds 140 Berrier Head, pounds 138, pounds 110 Ladywells, pounds 138 Kinkry Hill, pounds 130 Greengill Farm, pounds 125 Oswell Hall, Simmental pounds 140 West Trailtrow, Aberdeen Angus pounds 98, pounds 65, pounds 60 Keysmount, pounds 62 Ladywells, Holstein pounds 68 (x4), pounds 55 (x2), pounds 45 (x3) East Highberries, pounds 35 Linstock Castle, pounds 35 Swathburn, Friesian pounds 62, pounds 42 Dormansteads.
It will be at Linstock WI Hall at 7pm and application forms for cash from the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund will be available.
Leading prices: Bulls: Belgian Blue pounds 275, pounds 265 Mid Todhills, pounds 168 The Harras, pounds 162, pounds 155 Tewthwaite House, pounds 162 Harrington Ling, pounds 140 Sandwath Farm, pounds 122 Linstock Castle, Limousin pounds 220, pounds 190, pounds 185 Bleaberry Rigg, pounds 190 Tewthwaite House, pounds 180, pounds 178, pounds 145 West House, pounds 180 Low Mill, pounds 175, pounds 165, pounds 148 Linstock Castle, pounds 142, pounds 140 Cadgillfoot, Aberdeen Angus pounds 65, pounds 50 Kinkry Hill Holstein Friesian pounds 58 Mellguards, pounds 50 (x2) Linstock Castle, pounds 48 The Lake.