linseed oil

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a drying oil extracted from flax seed and used in making such things as oil paints

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Some oils, like linseed oil, have five or six reactive sites, making the material stiffen Others, such as olive oil, have fewer reactive sites, making the material more flexible.
The diets were formulated by adding rice bran oil and linseed oil to obtain 3 treatments of high, medium and low dietary n-6/n-3 FA.
SIMPLE AND FULL OF GOODNESS We all know Flora is made with the goodness of sunflowers*, but it's also blended with simple ingredients like rapeseed and linseed oils, buttermilk and just a pinch of salt.
A: Manila rope is one good solution, but keep in mind that the linseed oil will collect dust and anything else that gets on the rope, and it won't be easy to clean them.
Sand any rough spots on wooden handles and rub them with linseed oil.
Prevent that damage by spreading boiled linseed oil on the decking as needed.
Anthony Keating, 37, of Whickham, Gateshead, had finished applying linseed oil to a work surface and left the rag to dry out overnight by the tin.
A: You don't want to use linseed oil unless you are sure the finish on the gun is a linseed oil finish.
Treat wooden shafts and handles with linseed oil and sharpen any blades, either with a sharpening stone or by hiring a professional.
I'm hoping to see batsmen given out for being damned impertinent, interfering with pigeons, smelling faintly of linseed oil or simply "looking at me funny".
com) This "beauty elixir for the hair" contains linseed oil and Egyptian cyperus oil (Cleopatra was a fan so who are we to argue?
If you want more colour, check out marmoleum or natural lineolum, made from linseed oil, grain and other natural materials.
Real linoleum--as distinct from synthetic versions or vinyl--is made from all-natural materials, including wood flour, rosins, ground limestone, powdered cork, pigments, jute and linseed oil.
The term oil absorption (OA) refers to the weight of linseed oil that must be taken up by a given weight of dry pigment in order to form a paste.