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a floor covering


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After the linoleum was cut, we were ready to apply water-based block printing ink to its surface.
With a wide range of products including vinyl, linoleum, carpet, rubber, wood & laminate, synthetic turf and athletics track, the Group serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.
Given how green linoleum is, cleaning it with harsh synthetic chemicals and maintaining it with polymerbased waxes just wouldn't be right.
All were placed on a floor covered in wood-grain linoleum tiles, some of which were also marbleized to form an arresting, parquetlike design.
Presuming the misclassification of linoleum and cork is similar among participating and nonparticipating families, then the distribution of flooring materials can be recalculated.
In the present work, linoleum flour from the wastes of industrial production was utilized as reinforcing filler in NBR compounds.
In the last couple of years, however, in response to the environmental movement that is finding its way into the architect and design community, Berco began offering a work surface-grade linoleum product from Forbo.
For example, when I think of a concept like linoleum tile, I immediately recognize that thoughts about kitchens and hospitals and Home Depot and hammocks creep into my consciousness.
LOS ANGELES-Housewares wholesaler/retailer notNeutral has developed a linoleum rug with manufacturer Westling Design, both based here.
Scottsboro, Alabama: A Story in Linoleum Cuts is a disturbing if visually stunning record of an episode that should not be forgotten.
Pet deposit warranties cover pet damages including soiled or destroyed carpet and linoleum, chewed or scratched woodwork, drapes, doors and windows.
Neither linoleum nor ceramic, these miniature plates are made of DNA.
Let's start on the day I learn it's not a joke not some childish desire fulfilled not the day of the phone call my father's whispered tones and ladder-length pauses obscured by the metallic moan of file cabinets the slap of shoes on government grey linoleum.
At least I only left puddles on the linoleum in the bathroom, not on the carpet as our puppy did.