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a fastener that serves to join or connect

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Linkup members start by creating a MyLinkup account, where they build a personal profile describing location, specialties, interests, and more.
Like other itLinkz websites, Equestrian Linkup will be supported by advertising revenues.
The Gen2 PCI Express LinkUP Trainer, which runs at speeds of 5 Gb/s, is a valuable tool for the development of PCI Express Gen2 products.
Golfer Linkup will provide the features and resources that will allow this enormous population of golf enthusiasts to gather online in a defined community while offering marketers the chance to present relevant products and services to a receptive audience.
Leisure Linkup uses key pieces of information about yourself and your preferences to make a good leisure match," says Asberry.
Huw Lewis, head of external affairs at Nexus, said: "While we knew LinkUp would be popular we've been surprised by the very high early demand which has meant in a small number of cases the service has not met expectations and I want to apologise to passengers affected.
Nexus director-general Bernard Garner, said LinkUp is open to all and complements the existing transport network.
Prakash Agarwal, president and Chief Executive Officer at NeoMagic, said, "The management teams of NeoMagic and LinkUp share a common vision -- a vision of convenient, personal, wireless devices with engaging video, audio and graphical capabilities.
Leveraging such events as our user group meeting, LinkUp Phoenix, and continuous outreach from our Product Management team, this release delivers features and functionality based on the needs of our customers and prospects," said Gregg Simpson, Open Text's Senior Vice President for Artesia Products.
However, people in areas badly served by public transport can phone and book a bus under the new LinkUp service launched last Saturday.
Askey received the industry's recognition for its Pocket PC Piccolo, a low-cost palm-size information appliance based on the Microsoft Windows CE operating system and the high-performance, highly integrated L7200 ARM-based single-chip solution from LinkUp Systems.
The docking - the fourth linkup between Mir and Atlantis - will serve as practice for the international space station, which will be built in orbit beginning next year.
Open Text(TM) Corporation (TSX:OTC) (NASDAQ:OTEX), the world's largest provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, said today its user conference last week, LinkUp Phoenix 2004, was its largest and most successful ever, presenting a unique opportunity to demonstrate its continued success in integrating new technologies from acquired companies such as IXOS, Gauss and Artesia, as well as its Vista Plus(R) product suite.
Transport operator Nexus will launch the LinkUp service, involving buses you can book to take you from your door to your destination.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- One week before Symbian's first US Developer Conference takes place in Santa Clara, USA, LinkUp Systems Corporation and Symbian today announced cooperation to bring to market a system-enabling solution based on LinkUp's L7200 hardware platform and the Symbian platform.