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connected by a link, as railway cars or trailer trucks

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In the floating of logs down rivers, instead of having relays of shouters to prevent the logs from jamming, there is now a wire along the bank, with a telephone linked on at every point of danger.
In two days these were linked to long- distance wires; and in eleven days a two-thousand- line switchboard was in full working trim.
But far from any such ray of consolation visiting the lost, he stood bare of help and helpers, his portmanteau sequestered in one place, his money deserted in another and guarded by a corpse; himself, so sedulous of privacy, the cynosure of all men's eyes about the station; and, as if these were not enough mischances, he was now fallen in ill-blood with the beast to whom his poverty had linked him
So viewed the four seemingly independent sections will be found to be linked together in a real bond of unity.
100] When he thought of men and women, it was of men and women as in the presence and under the influence of those effective natural objects, and linked to them by many associations.
Now, as shown in exhibit 3, above, SubsidiaryA's cost of sales in D6 is linked to Consolidating's B6 and the Consolidating workbook should show cost of sales for SubsidiaryA at $675 (exhibit 3).
Each linked document provides unique information to the consumer using that Health Topic page.