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The event follows and draws upon a series of successful Skype link-ups which saw Acua Limited in regular communication with the former firefighter as a team made an assent of the Kala Patthar and Island Peak mountains in the Himalayas in September.
Live internet link-ups and mobile phones for emergency referrals and operations are planned.
It has previously announced link-ups with companies such as GMG Radio and Bauer Media, and it has also opened an office in New York.
Library members will also be able to access the university college's resources in what is a first in a range of link-ups between the library and local organisations including schools, community centres and businesses.
Yesterday, the Hoff - who was recently in Edinburgh with Scott Mills as part of his Fringe show - had a good giggle as he took part in studio demonstrations, experiments, archive clips, internet distractions, live phone calls and visual link-ups from home and around the world with fellow panelist Phil Jupitus.
BMW are also talking to the British Olympic Association and the British Paralympic Association to see if they can make any technology link-ups to help the athletes.
With her quirky tees, her range of link-ups from Shahid Kapoor to Yuvraj Singh and that no-holdsbarred laugh, she is a poster girl for things other than just tennis.
It promises to be some night with the likes of Dermot Weld, Tony Martin, Graham Bradley, Christian Williams and Davy Russell appearing on the panel, and we're planning phone link-ups on the night with Willie Mullins and Paul Nicholls," said Brady yesterday.
As well as inviting a studio audience, it should take advantage of all the opportunities available today to let the public become directly involved, including link-ups with internet services allowing people both to pose questions and to comment on the answers.
The fun-packed evening will include live link-ups with the London show and a special performance by Only Men Aloud
Mr Dempsey's arrivalin the Quattroporte is the latest in a long line of celebrity/ motor manufacturer link-ups which have seen people as diverse as Sharon Stone and the Pope being chauffeured around in Quattroportes.
In other recent beer and food link-ups, Inbev's Leffe appeared at this year's Taste Festival, Coors brewery is putting on matching events and Heineken is running a Cafe Heineken campaign.
99) provides novices with all the basics; from understanding the Internet alternative to traditional telephone link-ups to understanding how it works, its pros and cons, industry standards, and hardware and software to bring it all together.
Meru said that it intends to start full sale activities in Japan immediately and that it will also pursue sales through link-ups with Japanese electronics companies Hitachi Information Technology and Oki Electric Industry and other partners.
A regular month sees 1,200 doctor-patient consults and 250 educational and administrative link-ups over the network.