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a medicinal liquid that is rubbed into the skin to relieve muscular stiffness and pain


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Ni allem ein dau beidio a'i gymharu a'r liniment du 'glycerine and ichthyol' sydd gennym wrth law bob amser i drin phloebitus', felly dyna fynd i chwilio am ichthyol ar y we.
One such is a friend of mine, a fine fellow, generally of sound mind--clever, even-who nurses a never-ending cold and is constantly putting camphorated liniment on his upper lip.
Mother remembered she had a bottle of Sloan's Liniment on the mantle piece.
Joseph's Liniment, which had applications in first aid and as a mosquito repellent.
It may not be glamorous but it is very much a fact of sporting life, like cramp, liniment and the fact that your new shoes haven't made as much difference to your performance as you might have hoped.
The smell of liniment and sports drinks - lots of it - permeates the air.
Clay's sight was impeded by a substance thought to be liniment allegedly smeared on Liston's gloves.
Soloman Andrews' horse-drawn omnibus in Cardiff was just one of the many enterprises in which he became involved which included selling pies and liniment
It is here that the smell of liniment oozes from this excellent book.
Demanding to be read aloud, the story, set in 1970, unravels in a sad and seedy West Virginian racetrack, which in Gordon's hands is really a sensorium, her prose miring you in the mud of it ("The sun beat down and by three the red dirt glowed back and around each barn and strip of grass like the works of a toaster"); the stink of it ("the dark blue restless air fragrant with medicinals, Absorbine, liniment, pine tar"), the shrillness and stillness of it ("And alongside of her, rolling so slow in the dirt road it made less sound than
After a brief discussion it was decided that some horse liniment would effect the speediest of cures, even though the soft human skin is a great deal more tender than a horse's hair-covered hide.
However, as she says, and as as any working girl near the Man U training ground will no doubt confirm, shagging footballers is all very well, but you can't get the smelt of liniment off your legs afterwards.
It can be used as antibiotic, disinfectant and liniment.
The liniment made from Neem oil is used for curing rheumatism.
So if a liniment helps, use it, but only as part of a complete program of protection, rest, and physical therapy.