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the academic department responsible for teaching and research in linguistics

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Today, all major universities and many smaller ones have Linguistics Departments or Linguistics Programs.
The Georgia Southern campus in Statesboro is just an hour's drive or so from downtown Savannah where the conference is going to be so if I wanted to take a short trip to your campus in order to understand the institution's location within the region and understand your writing programs and how they reflect the institutional location, what places on campus other than the Writing and Linguistics Department offices and classrooms should I visit and why?
This lack of a defined path is something to which Antonio Rico-Sulayes-a doctoral candidate in the linguistics department at Washington's Georgetown University-can attest.
We can always trust Napoli (Head of the Linguistics Department at Swarthmore College) to give us a well-researched, thoughtful novel that touches deep emotions.
5) NREWL: Normal and Reverse English Word List (University of Pennsylvania Linguistics Department, 1963), based upon Webster's Second (plus about 43 thousand non-Websterian words from four specialized medical and technical dictionaries)
It happened in the doctoral program of a linguistics department in a British University.
Veach, likely speaking for her working group in the Linguistics Department at Stanford that was publishing the newsletter, indicated "we would like to see an annual conference on WL" (1).
IT is a wide cross-cultural practice to use 'dog' as some sort of derogatory term," says John Archibald, head of the University of Calgary's linguistics department.
According to Haj, though, this experience was so traumatic for the Yale linguistics department that they didn't allow another undergraduate major in linguistics for ten years.
He served as Linguistics Department chair from 1974 to 1976.
Currently, about 150 IHEs have accepted ASL as a foreign language, estimates Sherman Wilcox, chairman of University of New Mexico's linguistics department.
been several cases reported of students applying to do research on endangered languages being turned down by a linguistics department on the grounds that their proposals were of insufficient theoretical interest" (p.
Switching over to the university's linguistics department, he went on to earn an M.
So when she first approached her Canadian Studies department with this proposition, they said they would contact the linguistics department and have them write up a test for her to do.
At Yale, retrenchments have prompted administrators to plan an 11 percent cutback in faculty, a merging of three engineering departments into one, and the elimination of the entire linguistics department.