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consisting of or related to language


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Generalized probabilistic ordered weighted average operator with linguistic information
The study found that presidential candidates who mirrored the linguistic style of opponents in a debate experienced a significant and positive change in polls.
To preserve this treasure in to the second generation, the children of immigrants and linguistically diverse parents, is vital as a continuing linguistic resource.
Of particular concern is linguistic diversity, that is the communicative context in which language is perceived in its plurality and hybridity.
The Patentee's Invention Is Not the Linguistic Meaning of
Dr Heinz Werner Wessler, a visiting professor at Uppsala University in Sweden, who is in Pakistan for a short visit, believes that dialogues between different linguistic groups could help stem conflicts, reports The Express Tribune.
Linguistic extinction in the 21st century tends to be less violent, but it is equally hard to resist.
Keywords: the trapezoid fuzzy linguistic variables (TFLVs), the TFLHHA operator, multiple attribute decision making (MADM)
The linguistic thought is circumscribed by placing emphasis upon the contingent contexts generated by intertwined discursive practices.
SIR - Labour supporter Gwilym Levell's clearly implied claim English-speakers in Wales are subjected to linguistic tyranny (Letters, May 12) is just about the most ludicrous claim I've ever encountered.
Secondly, this paper introduces two aggregation operators in the technology project to deal with two situations of technology project assessment respectively, including linguistic and subjective information and pair comparison of preference relation.
The third, Linguistic Profile, requires advanced training and experience in the fields of criminal behavior and forensic linguistics.
Now in an updated third edition, Language and Mind presents Linguistics Professor Noam Chomsky's groundbreaking classic essays on linguistic theory.