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a highly seasoned Portuguese pork sausage flavored with garlic and onions

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Nas narrativas da materia Abacaxi com linguica, que destaca o cafe colonial, e possivel notar tal discurso apresentado anteriormente, ao ampliar as percepcoes dos leitores da cidade.
There's cupim (Brahma hump steak) and coxa (marinated chicken drumsticks), as well as lombo (pork loin) and linguica (a Brazilian sausage).
Topped with a flavorful blend of four meats - Italian salami, pepperoni, sliced Linguica sausage and spicy Italian sausage - the Sicilian Meats pizza is a tantalizing taste bud treat for meat enthusiasts.
The whole range of Santa Maria barbecue tradition shows up here, from tri-tip to spicy oak-grilled linguica sausage, a gift from the Portuguese who immigrated to the area in the '30s and '40s.
The trio includes the All American, an egg, steak and cheddar cheese sandwich on ciabatta bread, available with A1 Steak Sauce; the French Sandwich, with egg, ham and garlic herb spread on a light, buttery croissant; the Portuguese Sandwich on ciabatta bread with egg, linguica and cheddar cheese.
Smoked pork sausages (ideally, linguica, but Kabanos or Kielbasa will do)
Recommended items: Beef tips with linguica sausage, Cajun spices, grilled hot peppers and Monterey jack cheese; fries with brown gravy and no cheese, olivio salad, grand desire chocolate cake.
1 SAUTE green onions, linguica, and sliced mushrooms, then stir in
I can pretty much guarantee we'll not be able to find linguica sausages round these parts, but we should thank the Poles, of whom there are many in the Huddersfield area, for their kielbasa and kabanos, both of which would be fine substitutes here.
39) commonly known as linguica, here sliced flat, also provides a musubi item.
The experience of individualizing pizzas ensures that each and every guest is satisfied, no matter their pizza preference, thanks to the huge variety of distinctive toppings such as spicy pepperoni, linguica, artichokes, vegetables roasted in-house, and finishing sauces like pesto, BBQ, and infused olive oil.
has been mixing up linguica for 61 years --that's three generations following the family's recipes.
Bert was employed by the My Bread Baking Company for 44 years and by the New Bedford Linguica Company for 10 years.
If you like sausages, the Brazilian linguica version looks and taste good.