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with respect to language

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Excess [beta]-catenin is known to induce new enamel knots to bud off the existing epithelium, resulting in simply shaped, lingually displaced supernumerary teeth [Jarvinem et al.
Teeth in upper jaw of adult male holotype small, similar in shape, cusps more or less subequal to their base length; those at symphysis barely larger than those laterally, directed lingually, with long acute to bluntly pointed cusps, slightly less oblique than those posterolaterally.
Dreaming activity is lingually expressed by the noun adjunct wuoce, meaning dream, and a classificatory verb which predicates the action seeing/looking.
The ability of subjects to exercise to a higher rate-pressure product provides substantial evidence of the effectiveness of the lingually delivered nitroglycerin, the company said.
Anterior teeth have a tall, narrow, lingually curving cusp that is flanked by a pair of long, oblique enameloid shoulders.
A well-developed and beaded (where unworn) anterior cingulum is present, extending lingually from near the midline and terminating near the base of the protocone.
Mechanisms to assure provision of acceptable and workable services include the use of culturally appropriate needs assessment tools; relevant quality assurance indicators; alternative service delivery models; engagement of neighborhood support systems; adequate representation on advisory boards, planning councils and program planning committees; cross-cultural training for staff; and use of indigenous workers and lingually fluent staff with cultural sensitivities.
Kurds constitute an Indo-European group, and are culturally and lingually a very close cousin of the Iranians.
The anterior lophid had a semi-U-shaped prefossette with the distal portion oriented slightly more lingually then the mesial one-half.