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Synonyms for lingual

a consonant that is produced with the tongue and other speech organs

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consisting of or related to language


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18) The researchers created class V lesions in 40 extracted teeth, restored them with resin composites, and then subjected the teeth to 150 Newtons of occlusal pressure on the buccal cusps, lingual cusps and central fossae.
Only the lingual cusps of the maxillary posterior teeth are in contact with the central fossa during centric occlusion.
The lower first molar has three buccal and two lingual cusps on its rectangular occlusal surface, the smallest being distobuccal.
12 If the level of occlusal plane is too high, the tongue is unable to lie on the lingual cusps of the mandibular denture teeth and hence, fails to counter the movement of the denture.
With brackets placed on lingual surfaces, it is easier to control lingual cusps through the constant application of buccal root torque (vertical anchorage) which tips molars lingually.