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Synonyms for lingual

a consonant that is produced with the tongue and other speech organs

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consisting of or related to language


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A lingual thyroid is the most common form of thyroid ectopia, representing 90% of all cases.
There are various types of lingual papillae including filiform, fungiform, circumvallate, lentiform and foliate papillae on the surface of the tongue of mammals [13].
After the trend of invisible braces that are toothcoloured, the trend of lingual braces is catching up.
Service introduced custom lingual brackets, which are designed patient-by-patient and tooth-bytooth to deliver precision and control for improved results and patient comfort.
Food and Drug Administration seeking marketing approval for its aerosol lingual spray version of nitroglycerin under Section 505(b) (2) application that relies on data developed by NovaDel and historical data published in the literature.
The drug's new formulation utilizes NovaDel's patented lingual spray drug delivery technology, designed to achieve more rapid onset of therapeutic activity.
The proprietary lingual spray formulation may provide a more convenient and rapid delivery of ondansetron hydrochloride to prevent nausea and vomiting as compared to current oral forms.
Rocky Mountain Orthodontics - Lingual Jet) alleging infringement of 3M's patent related to lingual orthodontic braces in Los Angeles, Calif.
Lingual tonsil abscess is a rare disorder previously reported only once in the English literature.
BULLETIN BOARD: HNAB) announced positive results of a pilot pharmacokinetic clinical trial that was conducted using its proprietary lingual spray version of ondansetron hydrochloride (the active ingredient marketed under the brand name Zofran(R) by GlaxoSmithKline) for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.
Riton) with a lawsuit alleging infringement of 3M's patent related to lingual orthodontic braces.
A lingual thyroid is a mass of ectopic thyroid tissue located in the midline of the base of the tongue.
said it initiated a pilot pharmacokinetic feasibility study in humans of a lingual spray formulation of zolpidem, the world's biggest selling sleep-inducing agent, marketed in the U.