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a mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane and located in the oral cavity

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The report cites a 1718 Maryland case in which an African American inhabitant was given a jury pro mediatem linguae pursuant to the
43) Two priests possessed a Hebrew grammar by the Jesuit theologian and cardinal Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621), probably the Institutiones linguae hebraicae ex optimo quoque auctore collectae.
50) Ten priests possessed the Silva di varia lecion (Seville 1540) by Pero Mexia (1499-1551) of Seville, a miscellany drawn from ancient and sixteenth-century sources including Erasmus and available in an Italian translation, (51) while up to three owned Lorenzo Valla's (1407-57) Elegantiae linguae latin ae, which was based on a wide variety of authors and became the most important Renaissance guide to Latin usage.
42) Writing around 1498 to a German from Lilbeck ("cuidam Lubecensi" -- probably the father of his pupil Christian Northoff), Erasmus apologized for not using the German vernacular, declaring that his German was inadequate: "I have written to you to the above effect at greater length than I should; and have also done so in Latin, not because I despise your native tongue and mine but because it would not have been easy for me to write in the vernacular, nor would it have been easy for you to understand what I wrote" (Haec pluribus ad te scripsi quam debui, er quidem Latine, non fastidio linguae nostratis, sed quod neque facile id potuissem, neque tu facile intellexisses; Ep.
55) See the Onomasticon of the Thesaunis linguae Latinae, s.