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Synonyms for lingeringly

in a slow, leisurely or prolonged way


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And yet, as the lingeringly negative connotations of the word "shamelessness" should suggest, we are not yet entirely comfortable with those changes.
He laid aside his coat and hat gently, lingeringly, as though he had time and to spare for everything, or as though he were taking leave of them for ever, and came over to the fire and held out his hands to the quick, leaping flame.
A certain Miss Morrison is lingeringly noted for her wide eyes and blonde hair in the tale of The Crooked Man--"and yet", Holmes adds, "I found her by no means wanting in shrewdness and common-sense"--while the three Cushing sisters of The Adventure of the Cardboard Box are given a respectful but searching once-over, in a sort of Edwardian gothic-literary take on the Judgment of Paris.
Not lingeringly, no more than a glance, and barely a fleeting one at that, but still it was enough to give me a boner.
Lingeringly, the camera follows the tiny sneakers of a last zombie as she shuffles out of the barn and shields her eyes from the sunlight--Sophia, the one the band has been looking for, has found them instead--and it is now clear that Rick has all along been as deluded as Herschel.
Horace Traubel recorded that Whitman constantly kept near him Longfellow's translation of the Divine Comedy (first published in 1867), one of the few books that he "still reads lingeringly and never tires of.
Food for thought, then, for Martinez, although the decision of referee Kevin Friend not to award Seamus Coleman a second-half penalty left a lingeringly bitter aftertaste.
Chile - lighter acidity than the NZ - but both lingeringly fruity juicy.
As the light dawned lingeringly on his new creations, he sat rapt and silent before the vision, or wandered alone over the green campus peering through and beyond the world of men into a world of thought.
He examined it lingeringly, as though it touched the spring of some choked-up sensibility for which he had no language" (255).
For the most part, however, we gaze at the names silently, lingeringly, as if there should be something more to say about these people.
Malvedos 79, still powerful, elegant and sweet; Cavadinha 79 floral, figgy and elegant; Malvedos 65 wonderfully intense, spicy and sweet; Bomfim 65 even spicier; Malvedos 58 an enticing mix of caramel, walnuts and raisins and Malvedos 50, lingeringly spicy and astonishingly full of life.
A comforting hubbub filled the room, but died lingeringly with the realization that I, an evident stranger, had come through the door .
The story of Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen, Belle Elmore, and Ethel Le Neve, invokes memories of the pioneering days of wireless, of the last surviving Edwardian music-halls, and lingeringly Victorian Holloway; John Reginald Halliday Christie, recalls sleazy Rillington Place, out-at-elbows Notting Hill, and the shabby, penny-pinched, post-war world of the nineteen-fifties.