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  • noun

Synonyms for lingerie

women's underwear


  • women's underwear
  • undies
  • frillies
  • women's undergarments
  • smalls
  • women's underclothes
  • women's nightclothes

Synonyms for lingerie

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72 percent of women prefer to shop for lingerie in-store rather than online
Designers are taking care to create lingerie with the right design, making lingerie erotic as well as comfortable and blending design with function.
Next, go for a lingerie fitting - 80% of women are still wearing the wrong bra and we recommend that you have a fitting every six months as your bust can change.
But nevertheless, she supposedly sent ten styles of the lingerie designs to the Duchess of Cambridge so Kate Middleton could take a peek at her collection.
According to Gustav Du Plessis of Lorge corporate sales, the solution offers precise collection and management of customer details as well as the marketing of various highly reputed global lingerie brands.
The course is due to take place at branches of lingerie store 'Rigby and Peller' across London in early December.
Porscha Starr is a premier custom lingerie brand designing only the hottest lingerie and intimate apparel that is tailor made to its client.
I remember even from when I was very young, like six years old I was always very intrigued by my mother's lingerie drawer.
Chantelle, who has completed a six month internship at prestigious lingerie company Concepts Paris, hopes to combine her talents and one day design her own lingerie line.
And, if you really aren't sure of their bra size, or the style of lingerie they would prefer, play it safe and opt for a beautiful silk chemise or a luxurious silk wrap.
What offence do lingerie displays cause as ladies' finery has been displayed for many a long year without objection, and these ethnic groups have resided happily in various parts of this city for quite some time.
It's also wise to choose a lingerie set that's similar to the style of underwear that your partner already wears, perhaps just in a more luxurious fabric or a more expensive set than they would normally buy for themselves, so that they will want to wear your gift.
A TEESSIDE lingerie shop is urging women to rummage through their drawers to support a charity campaign.
Speaking to the newspaper, Fahd Al-Tukhaifi, assistant undersecretary for development at the ministry, said that the ministry has stopped issuing visas for foreigners to work as salesmen at lingerie shops.
terms anD ConDitions Discount is valid online only and only on full-priced lingerie.