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Synonyms for lineup

an organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events

a list of candidates proposed or endorsed by a political party


Synonyms for lineup

(baseball) a list of batters in the order in which they will bat

a line of persons arranged by police for inspection or identification

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found that eyewitnesses to a crime who sleep before being given a lineup are much less likely to pick an innocent person out of a lineup - at least when the perpetrator is not in the lineup.
The following test plan was developed in an effort to compare a typical glass-doored refrigerated display case lineup to a typical open refrigerated display case line-up with the aim of quantifying the difference in overall energy consumption for each case type and the difference in food product sales for each case type.
The combination of old and new display case lineups at the two supermarkets resulted in the following four test configurations to be studied:
Part II examines the legal perspective on sequential lineups.
OAKLAND -- Just over a week after saying his health was finally improving, Garret Anderson asked out of the lineup Friday.
In the United States, scent identification lineups represent a relatively new evidentiary tool.
In 2007, SunGard Public Sector's Remote Lineup was chosen as the primary software tool for a study on the fairness of criminal lineups as conducted by public safety agencies.
Los Alamitos' attempt to stack its doubles lineup resulted in the visiting Wolverines sweeping all nine singles sets en route to a 13-5 nonleague victory at the Seal Beach Tennis Center.
TV Guide magazine to feature over 40 pages of coverage of the new fall lineup including feature stories, Q & A's with the biggest stars and exclusive color photography in the "Fall Preview" issue.
In the clubhouse meeting before the first pitch, Campanella was reading his players the lineup - names like Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Joe Morgan, Pete Rose, Orlando Cepeda, Johnny Bench - when he paused and looked up.
We are extremely pleased with the quality and diversity of our 2005 E3 lineup as it truly reflects our product strategy," said David F.
LANCASTER - Shortstop Stephen Drew is one of baseball's most exciting prospects who figures to add significant power to an already formidable lineup when he joins the JetHawks.
This wireless version of America's pastime allows users to throw high heat, move base runners into position or knock one into the stands with real lineups from all 30 Major League teams.
The only constants in the five lineups so far have been Darin Erstad batting leadoff, Vladimir Guerrero hitting third and Garret Anderson fourth.
Ibbotson will partner with plan providers to produce a series of diverse, high-quality fund lineups appropriate for companies of varying size and makeup.