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(baseball) a hit that flies straight out from the batter

a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment

a large commercial ship (especially one that carries passengers on a regular schedule)

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The liner cheers hollowly above us, and we see the passengers' faces at the saloon colloid.
Not a liner in air but knows the meaning of that vertical beam and gives us and our quarry a wide berth.
A Trans-Asiatic Direct liner had found a smooth and butted into it full power.
Liners and yachts disguise their tanks with decoration, but the G.
Captain Hodgson opens the underbody colloid, swings the heavy pithing-iron out of its rack which in liners is generally cased as a smoking-room settee, and at two hundred feet releases the catch.
We overcossed Keewatin liners, small and cramped; but their captains, who see no land between Trepassy and Lanco, know what gold they bring back from West Erica.
In an advisory, the FDA said it noticed the proliferation of panty liner brands that claim to relieve tension, reduce irritation, release negative ions, prevent infections, prevent myoma, prevent vaginal odor and hormonal imbalance among others.
Pond liner patch kit has made it easy to do a lot for your pond rather than just repairing.
The liners are oval-shaped; their special geometry is said to prevent liner deformation in the intermeshing zone.
General Kinematics (Crystal Lake, Illinois) proposed the LOCKTITE rotary liner system.
com)-- BTL Liners is proud to announce they will be exhibiting at Farwest Show, the biggest green industry show in the West.
Q In the past you have mentioned that barrel liners actually have a front and rear and the rear, which should be marked, should always be placed at the breech.
The Grand Class cruise ship, commissioned in 2004, is the second largest liner in the Princess Cruises' fleet.
Eriez custom designs liners to suit customers' specific needs and provides a guaranteed service life with each liner.
InField Liner is a flexible Kevlar reinforced liner installed in existing subsea pipelines, once installed the liner then acts as a corrosion barrier, providing protection against aggressive service conditions and extending the use of the pipeline beyond its original design life.