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a defensive football player who takes a position close behind the linemen

(American football) the position of a defensive football player who plays close behind the line of scrimmage

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The weak linebacker is hardly so, but usually is the fastest and most athletic of the linebackers.
Our normal and simplest shift puts our Sam or Will linebacker on the LOS as the fifth defensive lineman, then brings our strong safety up to take Sam's place and become the linebacker.
Steve Clarke, Marley Cullors, Jean DeQueiroz and Ryan Marlow rotate into three inside linebacker positions.
16, 1999, when Miami-Dade police arrested Webster - then a Hurricanes linebacker - after he allegedly grabbed Natalie Brady by the neck, threw her to the ground, and shoved her into a vehicle in which he was riding with a friend.
DEPTH - Ducks will rotate eight defensive linemen, but only one backup linebacker, Garret Graham, has made a start.
It's an interesting experience," said Forte, who as a junior racked tip 51 tackles and started six games at weakside linebacker.
I have a few tips for Bradley crews to Keep their Linebackers in line for firing Stingers:
The deeper alignment also keeps him from running into the linebackers while scraping.
Spencer Havner, Justin London and Wesley Walker - UCLA's starting linebackers, when healthy, the past two seasons - are no longer around, leaving new defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker to put together a new unit.
The areas of most concern are the offensive line (two starters return) and linebacker (one starter returns), but UCLA is also trying to find depth on the defensive line and sort out its tight-end position.
With Texas quarterback Vince Young's ability to scramble and improvise, few USC players will be under more pressure than freshman linebacker Brian Cushing.
The Will linebacker is the weaker of the backs because in the goal-line set, he will be playing over a lineman or tight end.
Linebacker Rey Maualuga must participate in 12 months of anger-management of counseling as one of USC's self-imposed sanctions for the freshman, who allegedly punched another student at a Halloween party, according to sources.
Trojans linebacker Collin Ashton had a refreshingly different response.