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a defensive football player who takes a position close behind the linemen

(American football) the position of a defensive football player who plays close behind the line of scrimmage

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Linebacker DeVonte Holloman suffered a career-ending neck injury in a pre-season game against the Baltimore Ravens.
The weak linebacker is hardly so, but usually is the fastest and most athletic of the linebackers.
Senior Elston Forte went from being a linebacker to the linebacker in as short a time frame as he could imagine.
I have a few tips for Bradley crews to Keep their Linebackers in line for firing Stingers:
Our linebackers set up five yards deep with their outside leg splitting the crotch of the 5 technique.
KEY STATISTIC - Inside linebacker Sean Tufts, a sophomore who is considered potentially the best CU linebacker ever, ranks only sixth on the team in tackles, with 57, but 11 came in win over Nebraska.
He is now playing his second season as a Bucs linebacker.
With the exception of Cullors, a 6-1 185-pounder who projects to play linebacker at the collegiate level, none of the Super Seven are positional prototypes.
If the Sam or Will linebacker lines up as a defensive end, the other four defensive linemen slide to the opposite side and we will now have only three people in the secondary.
I feel like my role is linebacker,'' Williams said.
A linebacker employing a 9 technique is coached to close the C gap if the tight end blocks inside.
Linebacker Dallas Sartz did not practice to rest his sore knee.
I knew as soon as the Washington State game ended we had played poorly,'' linebacker Rey Maualuga said.
For example, if the first defender inside a playside guard is the backside linebacker and a playside linebacker blitzes the inside gap, the guard must block the playside linebacker even though the LB was not aligned inside of him.