line of vision

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an imaginary straight line along which an observer looks

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At The Open you can't even put a bet on, organisers fearing that the prospect of a large pay-out might prompt punters into trying to influence the action - like kicking an errant ball on to the fairway, like dangling a doughnut in Monty's line of vision, or like marrying John Daly.
If this happens to a profile with a very finely structured geometry, even such minor movements can cause the profile to move out of the line of vision of the cameras.
You parked your car out of the line of vision of the people at the scene and made no effort to contact the police.
The anatomy of the eye allows transfer of the standard line of vision as the so-called one-eye or two-eye vision.
The patented fringe field switching (FFS) cell structure provides a particularly broad viewing angle of 170 degrees in a horizontal and vertical line of vision, combined with a very high level of contrast.
This is ideal for a dinner table centrepiece as all your guests will have something to look at without their line of vision being blocked by a big bunch of flowers.
It soon becomes apparent that here we have a fun runabout for the young at heart through the presence of a rev counter rather than speedo perched directly in your line of vision.
The Ghost Rider also features a bubble level and a Bonus Violet LED light for maximum accuracy even in lowlight conditions (one of the biggest problems with traditional peep sights is that they have a tendancy to twist slightly obscuring your line of vision and clouding up your sight window).
Chris Hamilton, managing director of Bay Pointe Ltd, said: "The development will help to transform derelict brownfield land that is currently in the line of vision of Penarth residents, creating a new, distinctive, iconic skyline for Cardiff waterfront.
Likewise, drivers who are midblock are more likely to see a pedestrian entering a crosswalk because that's directly in their line of vision.
It's the first luxury 4x4 to be offered with a head-up satnav, speed and information displays - they can be projected onto the screen in the driver's line of vision.
He sees the rush, his line of vision also makes the play look like a middle screen.
If I follow his line of vision, I am led right past the painted saint to the hopeless perceptual maze into which the sleeping man and his shadow are inserted, almost like a sandwich-board cutout.
It's used like a barcode but considered superior because it doesn't require a direct line of vision to complete a scan.
To perform the exercise, place an angle-poise lamp containing a 60-watt opaque bulb three feet away in your line of vision.