line of scrimmage

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line parallel to the goal lines where football linesmen line up at the start of each play in American football

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I don't understand how teams can just allow him freely off the line of scrimmage into the middle of the field.
Talkin' football - The "box" is the defensive area along the line of scrimmage and about 5 yards behind, which includes the defensive linemen and linebackers who are aligned to defend the run as their first responsibility.
Watch the guards and tackles today (not the ball) and see if they are patient, stepping to the side of the play in unison and keeping their shoulders square to the line of scrimmage.
Bring in the beef: Moorpark's massive offensive lineman, Stanford-bound George Halamandaris, believes a simple game plan is all that's necessary against Canyon: to dominate the line of scrimmage so Moorpark's 3,000-yard running back, Darrell Scott, can do his thing.
After a game in which our punter kicked one straight up and the another out of bounds, five yards beyond the line of scrimmage, I decided to try an idea I had some years ago--the place-kick "punt.
Once the offensive lineman pushes off the defender, he looks immediately for the next defender, whether it's a defensive lineman on the line of scrimmage or a linebacker the next level up the field.
Our offensive line was controlling the line of scrimmage.
They have no primary run support and are lined up 14 yards from the line of scrimmage.
The referees dropped the flag, however, because Masoli was over the line of scrimmage and Maehl was just a step ahead of the toss, making it an illegal forward pass and not the lateral for which the play called.
But as Donovan McNabb approached the line of scrimmage early in the fourth quarter, he took a moment to excuse himself.
8 shows the exploitation of a mismatch on the line of scrimmage.
The Trojans play press coverage, which means the cornerbacks position themselves at the line of scrimmage before dropping into zone coverage.
DEFENSIVE LINES that hope to be successful have to be taught to attack the offensive line and force them to reestablish the line of scrimmage and create problems for themselves.
We got stuck on the line of scrimmage and some easy stuff opened on the outside.