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To explain the error in the prisoner's line of reasoning (that is, logical induction), assume that instead of giving his ruling five days in advance, he gave it on Thursday morning, leaving a two-day opportunity.
The largest number -- 29 -- was killed in Syria, where both the government of Bashar Assad and the armed rebels fighting him appear to have adopted the Israeli line of reasoning -- when it comes to targeting "terrorists," there is no difference between those with a camera and a notebook and those with a gun.
In his opinion, Sayre-Peterson accepted a line of reasoning that argued that because, under existing California law, a mutual bank could purchase a state-chartered credit union, state-chartered credit unions are therefore able to convert their charters to mutual bank charters.
But they refused to buy my line of reasoning that you were actually putting them out of their misery by giving them a lethal injection.
A similar line of reasoning suggests broadly similar odds for Slovenia v Algeria - both appear to be among the poorest qualifiers from their continents.
This line of reasoning assumes that all interested parties are doing what is in their own best interests.
That line of reasoning will ignore the fact that Kirkby badly needs new retail outlets, and the economy would probably be on an upswing when the first ball was kicked in Everton's new home.
I asked, single-mindedly trying to discern a clear line of reasoning amid the mass of maps, charts, and graphics.
Using his same line of reasoning, one sees that the longer the multinational coalition maintains a security environment in Iraq, the more likely these three interest groups will communicate and cooperate, shifting from Pareto optimal (highest payoff for each group) to Pareto improved strategies resulting in Nash equilibrium.
Hearst's line of reasoning must have become clear in the depositions leading up to the arbitration -- so clear, and so compelling, that an agreement such as this could be forged.
If that line of reasoning seems a little far out or flaky, consider that nobody had given much thought to the rights of our contemporary undead--vegetative patients--before technology made their existence possible.
Worryingly it seems that society at large is beginning to accept this pathetic line of reasoning.
In one plausible line of reasoning, the Wilsonianism had come to the fore when the hunt for weapons of mass destruction had run aground.
This line of reasoning suggests, in some contradistinction to Alemberti's thesis, that progress in the field not only involves "perfecting" our application of abundantly defensible pathways, but developing ever-increasing skill at the appropriate integration of linear processes (such as pathways) in a world that can never be reduced to the purely linear.
Whether one accepts the theory of evolution or not, this is a compelling argument that in its details and line of reasoning is not terribly unlike that developed by Anselm of Canterbury centuries ago.