line of questioning

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an ordering of questions so as to develop a particular argument

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Medical staff should be well versed with the line of questioning to confirm a suspected case of child abuse at home.
The deposing attorneys may be attempting to upset your composure and compel you to tell a differing account just to be done with the line of questioning.
Nevertheless, Warden continued with his theoretical line of questioning, asking if AOL could integrate the Netscape browser with its client software and the firm could offer a one click change between browsers on its web site.
One-on-one interviews are much more productive because the writer can control the conversation, ask dumb questions, and pursue a line of questioning until he or she understands important points and gets the necessary facts.
After all, it is the line of questioning often used by parents or teachers who are disturbed by the time and effort invested in rallies and volunteer work.
In the absence of such belief or suspicion, we believe it appropriate to challenge when this line of questioning turns from being an audit tool to an improper invasion of taxpayer privacy.
A line of questioning may begin with something as simple as, "Have you ever been angry at your boss?
The discomfort caused by this line of questioning is instant, and increases visibly as I present some of the more perplexing conundrums found in Bynum's comic history.
In addition to some of the well-known examples of Meese botching the investigation, the authors remind us of Mitchell's line of questioning about the shredding that took place 'after the diversion memo had been found.
In addition, the system is self-optimizing because the Discovery Server automatically adapts and optimizes based on the users' line of questioning.
Trillanes noticed Gordon's line of questioning during hearings that would be 'less harmful to his political patrons.
Likewise, the microblog erupted with hundreds of tweets expressing confusion with the McCain's line of questioning.
The actor wasn't happy with the line of questioning from LGBT outlet Daily Xtra - who tried to draw a link between an old interview by the star and Ronnie Kray being openly gay.
There aren't many jokes in the present version, just Humphrys' crisp line of questioning and lashings of building tension.
Lacking romance, joy, wit or charm, it does have Robin Williams as a priest with an intrusive line of questioning.