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Has there ever been a stirring line of poetry written about the sooty combustion engine?
In Ilya's usage, then, "mainstream" means the main line of poetry as high culture and new aesthetics, including now the Meta-realists who have drawn from the poetics of Mandelshtam, Pasternak, Tsvetaeva and others to create their own movement.
For example, more emotion may come into play in a line of poetry than in any other kind of writing.
I was educated by Wendy Brogin about Nate Brogin's medals, and she graced us with a line of poetry.
JIM LEISHMAN: It takes more than a line of poetry to cover up my team's dismal record this season but we all know that the best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley
EVERYBODY has heard the opening line of poetry, "The boy stood on the burning deck.
He said his book was for "those who have long since given up on modern poetry or who have never read a line of poetry for pleasure in their life.
Housman again, in The Name and Nature of Poetry, "Experience has taught me, when I am shaving of a morning, to keep watch over my thoughts, because if a line of poetry strays into my memory, my skin bristles so that the razor ceases to act.
He includes his most excruciatingly dismal single line of poetry (from White Sail) as well as the ridiculous stewardess voice from Misterioso--"Hi
The billboards will have a black background, so it looks dramatic with this line of poetry against a black background.
This new selection of his poetry from his seven previously published books--A Line of Poetry, A Row of Trees (1964), The Book of the Green Man (1967), The Different Musics (1969), Songs of the Earth (1970), Eyes & Objects (1976), RADI OS (1977), and ARK (1996)--as well as from the previously unpublished, posthumous work, The Shrubberies, makes his advice easy to follow and makes clear that his work has all along aimed at making us enthusiasts.
GET literate - and stencil a favourite line of poetry or your family initials on your walls.
As Erickson explains it, "The labor that is required by the constraints of meter and rhyme and that produces the greater local density of a line of poetry as opposed to one of prose was more than proportionately rewarded, apparently because readers, able to afford fewer books than before and forced to read those books more often, demanded a verbal texture that would provide more pleasure upon reading and rereading than would prose" (20-21).
One day, while I was running beneath the overpass, a line of poetry just came straight into my head.