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an imaginary great circle on the surface of the earth passing through the north and south poles at right angles to the equator

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I divided 22 cities on the 26th meridian line of longitude into 12 equal groups and took tons of pictures," says the professor of interior design and color theory at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences.
This imaginery line is opposite the line of longitude through Greenwich, UK.
The majority of people in the Central Time Zone live in the south east of this zone and therefore the time zone reflects the line of longitude passing through this region.
Keith, of course, knew all about the Transverse Mercator projection, about Sir John Davidson, the Line of Zero Convergence and why two degrees west is the only line of longitude shown on the maps of the Ordnance Survey.
Unlike the sedimentary record, the volcanic data do not show the pole repeatedly following a line of longitude up through the Americas or Asia.
Normal clocks are based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the world standard since 1884, which is tied to Sun's position in relation to the Greenwich Meridian - the zero line of longitude.
Today he is credited as establishing Greenwich meridian as the world's prime line of longitude - and ensuring the supremacy of the British Navy for the next 150 years.
For Nicholas chose to hike 360 miles down two degrees west, the only line of longitude that cuts through England.
Strictly regulated by the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI), challengers are required to circumnavigate the globe by crossing the line of longitude from which they took off.
When it is midnight on January 31, 1999, in Greenwich, it has already been January 1, 2000, in every time zone eastwards, up to the 180 degree line of longitude.
Katrina then headed southwest, crossing which line of longitude shown on the map?
The mountains lie near which line of longitude on the map?
What named line of longitude passes through the United Kingdom?
The mountains lie near what line of longitude on the map?