line of inquiry

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an ordering of questions so as to develop a particular argument

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And so, as an investigator, I consider pursuing this line of inquiry is not justified.
This line of inquiry began when one TaxTalk member was shocked that a client had received a letter from the city of Azusa reading: "We are writing you because we have become aware that you have declared business activity at the above address by filing Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business, with your 2001 tax return.
While it is disturbing that the LAPD has seen fit to request $125,000 worth of pepper spray, tear gas and gas guns, a more productive line of inquiry would be to assess the effects and results of each position.
The committee's line of inquiry was clear enough: Had Babbitt, on behalf of a major Democratic fundraiser, denied a 1994 petition by a group of Chippewa Indian tribes to launch a gaming operation in Western Wisconsin?
However, this line of inquiry is inappropriate in light of post-Five Star Supreme Court decisions such as Woodward (397 U.
Police said they received "reports of a boy on fire" and they were following a positive line of inquiry.
A possible line of inquiry is that the family were not the intended target of the attackers.
The one line of inquiry is perhaps this bomb was in place for those police officers to kill them as they went about their business.
A spokesman said: "Brian Lunn Field remains a line of inquiry in this investigation.
Inspector Grant Allan, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: "We have had some helpful information and are following a positive line of inquiry.
A prosecutor sent by Portugal's attorney general to oversee the case has revealed that Gerry and Liverpool-born Kate Mc-Cann may not be the only line of inquiry.
A spokesman said: "The alleged assault was witnessed by several other parking attendants and other witnesses and we are following a positive line of inquiry.
Kathleen Gilje's line of inquiry is anything but unfamiliar.
Parris, who represents Duren, defended his line of inquiry of Beard-Williams, who he said claimed during the deposition to be poor.
The task force found that Congress tends initially to base its research-funding decisions on the promise that a particular line of inquiry offers.