line of defense

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Synonyms for line of defense

any organization whose responsibility it is to defend against something

defensive structure consisting of a barrier that can be employed for defense against attack

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To have the big man as the last line of defense is a big plus for us.
Thus, the second line of defense can provide a credible challenge to the work of the first line of defense.
Second line of defense (layer 2): This layer conducts ERM services through an approved risk oversight process with independent control of risk and centralized policy management.
The second line of defense is the body's ability to adapt to prevent the disease agents from becoming established within it (Morgan, 2003).
As far as the FBI is concerned, CPAs stand as a first line of defense in thwarting basic accounting fraud.
Disk arrays certainly have many advantages and when combined with tape delivers the most impenetrable line of defense.
Disinfectants, enzymatic agents, and detergents are the first and best line of defense against malodors, because these products can remove or kill the material causing the unpleasant smells.
Americans who value their freedoms had better wake up and make their voices heard before our nation's traditional last line of defense of freedoms--the court system--falls under the sway of Bush and his Religious Right cronies.
com) as your first line of defense against intruders.
BEYOND SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS The first line of defense is anti-virus software from companies such as Symantec (www.
On the one hand, we must raise awareness within corporate America, as the first line of defense against fraud is preventing it in the first place.
It's our first line of defense against the external environment," Plevy says.
is among those finding it "unacceptable that our last line of defense today is an F-16 shooting down a hijacked passenger aircraft.
Along with diet, your best line of defense is to exercise, and to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol down.