line of defence

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Synonyms for line of defence

any organization whose responsibility it is to defend against something

defensive structure consisting of a barrier that can be employed for defense against attack

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The report, entitled Security awareness: Turning Your People Into Your First Line of defence, suggests that the response of organisations to improving protection and reducing risks has been strongly biased towards further investment in technology.
As the first line of defence, security-aware employees are often best placed to identify a potential breach or weak link," added Mr Ward.
CIOs need to make IT security a priority and a new second line of defence must be drawn.
If the planned trials are successful, it is intended that Synairgen's inhaled IFN-Beta will provide a first line of defence for many of the asthmatic population for whom there is currently no effective treatment for cold-induced episodes.
Thanks to Columbia Pictures and Digital Bridges, a world leader in mobile entertainment, Earth's best, last and only line of defence -- the Men In Black -- will shortly be keeping aliens in check via mobile phones across Europe and Asia.