line of business

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a particular kind of commercial enterprise

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There never was such another drunken madman in that line of business, I hope.
I was glad to give her a sufficient sum to set her up in a good line of business, and so get decently rid of her.
This line of business includes customer services, transaction automation as well as integrating sales and delivery applications with scalable, enterprise-wide and cost-effective solutions.
The corporate banking line of business represents roughly 25 percent of total corporate earnings for PNC Bank.
2) The employer must prove the organizational and operational independence of each line of business.
Table 4: R&SA's personal lines premium income split by line of business, 2001-5
The threshold for determining a "substantial-service employee" may be reduced to 50% of the employee's services both for purposes of assigning the employee (as is currently permitted) and for testing "separateness" of the line of business (currently not permitted under the regulations).
Each line of business is responsible for developing and managing strategies, products, services and applications to meet the unique needs of its customers.
D&O continues to be a very competitive line of business with rate decreases further stimulated by a sharp drop in the number of securities class action suits filed in 2006, as tracked by Advisen--112 in 2006 as compared to 186 suits filed in 2005.
They also know that in creating the claims infrastructure to service a new line of business they may be creating the same stifling problem when they seek to exit the line in the future.
The gross profit percentage is determined on the basis of (1) all property offered to customers in the ordinary line of business in which the employee works and (2) the employer's experience over a representative period of time.
We believe that the diversity and professional training of our members enable us to bring an important, balanced, and practical perspective to the issues raised by the separate line of business regulations.
Extracting information from any of the major SRM platforms and correlating it to Asset Management data, SERP meets these requirements and provides a global, regional, datacenter, or box-specific view of utilization and capacity by line of business.
However, each line of business must satisfy certain objective tests to qualify for SLOB treatment.
It analyzes different performance measures, including loss, expense and combined ratios, for the top 20 competitors by line of business, and places individual company performances in the context of the markets development overall.