line of business

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a particular kind of commercial enterprise

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David could invent delightful things in the way of drop-cakes, and he had the widest views of the sugar department; but in other directions he certainly felt hampered by the want of knowledge and practical skill; and the world is so inconveniently constituted, that the vague consciousness of being a fine fellow is no guarantee of success in any line of business.
He had been guided in the selection of this peculiar line of business by an instinctive leaning towards shady transactions, where money is picked up easily.
There never was such another drunken madman in that line of business, I hope.
I was glad to give her a sufficient sum to set her up in a good line of business, and so get decently rid of her.
It is intended to ensure that benefits provided by an employer in a separate line of business do not unduly disadvantage non-highly compensated employees or unduly advantage highly compensated employees regardless of the concentration of highly compensated employees in the separate line of business.
The final regulations generally retain the objective tests from the proposed regulations for determining whether a line of business is operated separately.
Data and analysis on individual competitors performance ratios in 2005 by line of business
Figure 2: The financial services top five IT business objectives highly likely to be achieved through outsourcing, by line of business
Enabling line of business users to control content in order to improve content freshness, enable seamless reuse, and simplify management throughout the content lifecycle, from creation to updating, version control and retirement,
Web Analytics - Rhythmyx 6's new Web analytics application will enable line of business users to tag Web content for analytics purposes and manage the process for use with industry leading Analytics packages beginning with Web Trends.
Baldwin is a financial services veteran executive with a tremendous depth of experience in managing growth and expansion in the retail banking line of business for multiple financial institutions, including a $36 billion regional bank holding company.
If the host is unavailable, Corillian's line of business applications will route the consumer's balance and transaction history request to Corillian PMM, which will provide the consumer with the latest information provided by the financial institution.
Duck Creek Technologies enables insurance carriers and other participants in the insurance distribution process to define and develop rating, underwriting, and policy processing services for any line of business and to deploy those services to the Web and to all other points on the product value chain.