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administration of the activities contributing directly to an organization's output

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There is an increasing demand for finance departments to advise and support line managers with forward-looking information that goes far beyond straightforward financial metrics to provide a deep operational insight.
The postmodern view of the world--open knowledge systems in which truth is multiple and reality is subjectively constructed--matches the world that the line manager experiences.
and line manager (LM) competence and preparation are shown in the last two columns.
CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company (CHPRC) is interested in receiving proposals for a Manager - First Line Manager of Maintenance in support of the PFP Project, Richland, Washington, under Prime Contract DE-AC06-08RL14788 with the U.
HR Responsibilities & HR Managers The devolution of HR responsibilities from HR managers to line managers is both growing and a global trend (Larsen & Brewster 2003).
If coaching is undertaken by line managers, is it done well enough?
Tom Neary,45,from Aigburth, an area line manager who has worked at the firm for 16 months, said: ``I got a phone call last night and was told I had no job and that the company had gone bankrupt.
A line manager said: ``We had done a full day's work.
The company stated that the Line Manager Toolkit is available to all of the provider s occupational health (OH) clients.
Mrs Ilesley said she was bullied by her line manager, Jane Stewart, which caused her to be signed off work with stress and suffer panic attacks.
where he held various positions, including product line marketing manager for the Intel Wireless Networking Division, director of marketing for the Xircom Rex Business Unit and product line manager for PC Card Products.
Ray Shelor has accepted the position of product line manager for down-the-hole (DTH) equipment at Atlas Copco Construction Mining Technique USA, effective immediately.
A civil servant who claims she was sexually assaulted by her line manager was yesterday given leave to pursue an employment tribunal case against the National Assembly.
But he claimed "constant undermining" by line manager Patricia Walker forced him to quit.
AerieLogic was created in August 2005 by former TransEDA Product line Manager Samuel Dellacherie, to take in charge the development and maintenance of the imPROVE-HPK/HDL product that was at the time promoted and distributed by TransEDA Technology.