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administration of the activities contributing directly to an organization's output

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Contractor Shall Provide A Turn-key Line Management System ( lms ) Which Is A Comprehensive Customer Flow Solution ( solution ) That Allows In All Locations A Numbering System In Order To Form A Service Queue And In Select Locations The Solution Shall Be A Virtual Line Management System That Eliminates The Need Of Physically Standing In Line.
Of those, 35 achieved their ILM Level 3 introductory certificate in first line management, which will provide them with the valuable knowledge and understanding required to successfully apply the principles and theories of management in their own roles.
Product (Service) Line Management is a method to integrate all disciplines involved in the production of a specific product, such as spinal cord injury care.
Part of PrismTech's market leading Spectra SDR product suite, the newly launched Spectra CX Product Line Management option has been specifically designed to address this by supporting the modeling needs of entire radio families using just a single model.
Second, CFOs should try to get as much line management experience as possible, either before or after their tenure as CFO.
requires an increase in the active involvement of line management -- from the top down.
Their goal was to hand-carry the training message to the 400 or so people just below them in the organization and to select from those they trained the next group of line management trainer candidates.
His blend of entrepreneurial, strategic, and line management experience will make Kirk an asset to Campbell and his considerable expertise will complement our strong strategic planning capabilities.
This year's winner developed a new global product profitability reporting system for her line management and spent many hours of personal time with units all over the world gathering data.
Al Baker, Vice President of Enterprise Line Management for Siemens Communications, Inc.
As Corporate America moves toward leaner, more flexible, and more knowledge-based forms of organization, the walls between finance and line management are coming down.
MedAssets implements integrated solutions to address the greatest opportunities for financial and process improvement and drives performance in revenue cycle, supply chain and clinical service line management.
We use this application throughout the enterprise - everyone from the finance department to line management can benefit from the customizable reporting and query capabilities.
Market Line Associates is a provider of profitability and customer management solutions to the financial industry and is dedicated specifically to helping banks integrate and streamline their profitability performance metrics in finance, line management and marketing.
Giangiuli will coordinate and synthesize the actions of CALIBRE's Corporate Development Officer (CDO) organization with Line Management to leverage current and develop new lines of business.