line engraving

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a print obtained from a line drawing


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engraving consisting of a block that has been etched or engraved

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In July 1814, Strickland returned to line engraving opposite of page one to record an event that must have caused a sensation in Philadelphia.
With one just one sentence to each page, the author covers childhood, education, parents, adulthood, romance, children, and old age, each page carrying a copy of a woodcut or line engraving drawn from a range of historic illustrated texts, each one chosen to be a witty exaggeration of the text line which can be quite outlandish itself, eg 'An active student, 'he writes, ' I was on the school rowing team' includes a line engraving of a crowded Viking ship.
A line engraving of an ibex -a type of deer -resembles a similar style of cave art found at the world-famous Lascaux and Chauvet sites in France and Altamira in Spain.
The image is very likely inspired by Revenge Taken by the Black Army, a line engraving by J.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Line engraving machine
A line engraving of a man in bed suffering from syphilis, amidst a busy domestic scene circa 1600
amp; his two Sons Satan & Adam," a line engraving of the "Laocoon" statuary group with a tangle of textual inscriptions surrounding its central image.
It was a period when some of the richest and most satisfying prints ever made came from the printing presses in Nuremberg and Florence, when consumers in Holland, Germany and the Low Countries were discovering the wonder of line engraving and chiaroscuro printing (where three blocks printed one upon the other gave various colour tones).
The man kissing the lady with the fan is an example of a line engraving, dating to the late 19th century.