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soft light-colored wood of any of various linden trees

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During two years Conrad spent his days, from the early morning till the night, under the linden tree, mourning over the imaginary grave of his Catharina.
Then Catharina sat under the linden alone, every day and all day long, a great many years, speaking to no one, and never smiling; and at last her long repentance was rewarded with death, and she was buried by Conrad's side.
He told how he had a rendezvous with a young woman before that pavilion, and how, not seeing her come, he had climbed the linden tree, and by the light of the lamp had seen the disorder of the chamber.
The court adjoined a garden, and all was in flower; the roses hung so fresh and odorous over the balustrade, the lindens were in blossom, the Swallows flew by, and said, "Quirre-vit
Rachel McAdams is reportedly expecting her first child with boyfriend Jamie Linden.
Linden Rose knows how to follow the rules and stay invisible.
Summary: Interview with John Williamson, Executive Director of Linden Educational Services:
Global airline alliance, SkyTeam, has announced that Nico Van der Linden has appointed as Vice President of Cargo Alliance.
Latimer and Linden planning 92-unit resi tower with health facility in Flushing
Masood Mansouri, 33, posed as a taxi driver before abducting and raping Ceri Linden as she tried to hail a cab during a night out drinking on the north coast of Wales last summer.
BOSTON -- Desiree Linden led Monday's Boston Marathon at the 23-mile mark, and with 3.
com)-- A fund-raising ceremony was held at the offices of Linden Optometry a P.
The terminal was previously operated as a joint venture with Linden Holding Corp, and NuStar had 50% ownership of the facility.
CHEF Jerome Cogne has taken over running the kitchen at Linden Hall - the second time the Frenchman has worked at the golf and country club at Longhorsley in Northumberland.
Take 15-year-old Linden who landed in A&E after his friends filmed him back-flipping off a garden shed and onto a trampoline.