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a central cohesive source of support and stability

pin inserted through an axletree to hold a wheel on


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This is the linchpin of all we've been working for,'' he said at a late-afternoon news conference.
Meanwhile, the ecolodge is a linchpin in the preservation of a 25,000-acre conservation area.
The tree acts as a linchpin for the discrepant perspectives without reconciling them.
In what shows that these people are willing to leave no stone unturned, the linchpin of the rolling system is a high tech device that offers smooth-ultra quiet operation: inline skate wheels.
Universal trade connectivity is the linchpin for STP and beyond.
While Flick--who knows Columbia insiders--says, "I don't think they're pressuring Ricky," he also acknowledges, "I'm sure everyone involved would love to remove the controversy from around what is considered the linchpin artist of their label.
Erie Mumford in his informative history of CIAM, whose works and views are mostly unknown even though the name has almost mythic status, restores an architectural discourse that not only defined a new aesthetic but saw design as the linchpin to a social agenda aimed at changing the very nature of urban life.
The linchpin, however, of BACNDW activities will be a series of open studios, classes, showcase performances, and open rehearsals that will take place throughout the week.
The teacher-child interaction is the linchpin of a quality early learning experience," says Karabelle Pizzigati, the chair of the report committee and a member of the Maryland State Board of Education.
But the senior with the big serve is a linchpin like no other in the valley.
In supporting the family internationally, the administration called on Central American countries to recognize that the promotion of the traditional family is the linchpin for successful development.
The linchpin of this exhibition, however, was a work that abandons this pattern of doubling.
But the Middle East linchpin faces a challenge as it tries to reconcile two extremes: conservative Islamic principles and capitalist world trade tenets.
One might even call it the linchpin of a healthy, thriving culture--the most intimate manifestation, perhaps, of what Francis Fukuyama called "social capital.
For Morristown, this new community will be the linchpin in invigorating and revitalizing its Town Center.