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ions are accelerated along a linear path by voltage differences on electrodes along the path

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Patients also are asked to pass urine before going into the LINAC room.
The preferred option is to acquire a new linac costing PS1.
At a time when there is a significant emphasis being placed on fiscal prioritization at hospitals and clinics around the world, Brainlab is helping to provide doctors and administrators with flexible configurations for new or existing LINAC technology that offer the precision and automation of ExacTrac, said Stefan Vilsmeier, President and CEO, Brainlab.
An extra 200 radiotherapy treatments will be carried out every week at Velindre Cancer Centre with the launch of the hospital's sixth linear accelerator, known as a linac.
The government-funded linac can deliver up to seven X-ray energies, which are different penetrations of radiation.
These changes include; a dramatic deemphasis of chemical lasers; diminished interest in neutral particle beams and X-ray lasers, except for use in discriminating between warheads and decoys in midcourse trajectories; and promotion of the induction linac free-electron laser as the top-priority candidate for shooting down missiles in their boost phase.
By acquiring the Elekta Synergy system, NHS Supply Chain will have the world's first linac to bring 3D and 4D image guidance into the treatment set-up process.
Contract notice: 602388_extension stz - linac 6 + 7, Parts 53 windows and french doors
They solved this by designing the linac and the MRI scanner as one complete system that moved together.
The combination allows Radon to significantly increase capacity, co-founder and partner director Luciano Barros said, adding that together the two firms could grow the service business, as well as Elektaa[euro](tm)s share of the linac market in Latin America.
The funding will replace one ageing machine and install an extra linac at Velindre.
Contract notice: supply of 26 beam valves for the cryomodules of the spoke section of linac ess (european spallation source)
Radiotherapy Services Manager Carmel Barnett said: "All of us are really looking forward to the handover of the new linac as it will make such a big difference to the patients we treat here in the department.