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a widely occurring iron oxide ore

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3 million-ton iron oxide resource comprises distinctive limonite, goethite, and hematite alongside a deposit of halloysite clay, whose applications include a high performance concrete pozzolan, Dragonite.
95 million wmt while limonite nickel ore at Buli increased by 2% to 100.
Cracks and fractures in the rock, called faults, filled with mineral-rich fluids which cooled to form veins of lead ore, zinc, fluorite, quartz, baryte, witherite, calcite, limonite and pyrite.
In addition, raw hematite and limonite samples collected from several archaeological sites in Alabama were analyzed.
The authorities recently warned people not to be fooled by the rumors, saying that the sand -- composed of limonite, an iron-rich mineral -- has no healing properties and may be contaminated with bacteria.
Microscopy reveals a complex microstratigraphy where multiple layers of red hematite, yellow limonite and an unidentified white mineral lie over the uncoloured parent sandstone; they are divided by calcium oxalate layers and have an outer layer of oxalate which obscures the brilliant colours of the underlying minerals.
This access road exposed outcrops of silicified sandstones, which are strongly fractured with an abundant presence of hematite and limonite black oxides, substances commonly associated with the presence of gold.
The testwork was completed on two blends of laterite, one a blend of limonite, transition and saprolite ore and a second of transition and saprolite only.
The Lampia property has in excess of 676 drillholes, indicating the near surface presence of nickel rich limonite and saprolite horizons.
The test work on the limonite material confirms previous work with leach extractions of up to 80% after 90 minutes.
This area contains limonite and manganese "clinker" derived from what appears to have been fairly massive sulphides over widths ranging from 30m to 80m.
Its samprolite nickel ores buyers are Japanese companies such as Pacific Metal, Sumitomo Metal Mining, and Nippon Yakin Kogyo while its limonite nickel ores buyer is an Australian company, Queensland Nickel.
As the cement of red sandstones contains limonite and haematite (Hurlbut 1976), and as the sandstone on which this particular 'skin' was deposited was disintegrating, the coloured layers may be nothing more than dissolved cement reprecipitated at the surface.
Oxides: limonite, hematite, malachite, geothite, cerussite, plumbojarosite, and cuprite
Sierra Leone is rich in diamonds, rutile, bauxite, gold, iron and limonite.