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a liquid terpene with a lemon odor

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Biotransformation of tetramethyl-limonene (246) with Streptomyces acidoresistans gave only metabolite 8,9-epoxy-6-hydroxy-3,3,5,5 tetramethyl limonene (247), (Scheme 81) (Abraham et al.
Shampoos, soaps, perfumes, domestic cleaners, sunscreens, and massage creams are among the household products likely to contain limonene, Dr.
In the present study, a mixture of two monoterpenes, [alpha]-pinene and limonene, and a sesquiterpene, [beta]-caryophyllene, were dosed orally to goats under controlled experimental conditions and their concentrations in blood, milk and cheese were determined and correlated.
Insecticidal, repellent, antimicrobial activity and phytotoxicity of essential oils: with special reference to limonene and its suitability for control of insect pests.
Consequently, we used 6 substances in our experiments: essential oils of Norway spruce and common juniper (because we assumed that these odours might be deterrent) and the monoterpenes limonene, camphene, borneol, and eucalyptol.
VOCs commonly found in air fresheners include: formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, limonene, esters and alcohols.
Potera stated that limonene reacts with ozone to form formaldehyde but failed to mention that both limonene and pinene are naturally occurring materials found in citrus fruits and pine trees, respectively (Wei and Shibamoto 2007).
Weschler (2004) has shown exposure to the products of ozone reacting with limonene for 20 minutes at realistic indoor concentrations increases the rate of blinking in human subjects.
The compounds studied included limonene, cymene, menthone, 4-ethyl-benzaldehyde, L-carvone and benzaldehyde.
5%) from Merck, and decane (95%), cyclodecane (95%), eugenol, and limonene ([greater than or equal to] 96%) from Fluka.
2002) exposed mice to the oxidation products (both particle and gas-phase) of limonene and ozone reactions and noted acute upper airway irritation in the mice.
Ovawiliki va dja ko Ibis okwa li tava kwafa ovakufimbinga moku va pa omauyelele e na sha nokulifila oshisho ngeenge tashi uya ko HIV no AIDS, ofimbo meetundi dikwao kwa li taku yandjwa omauyelele a yela nawa taa popi kombinga yokakefa kape ke na sha nEkwatonghonga oko taka ka tulwa moilonga diva notaka ka longifwa mokwoongela omaumbangi e li xwepo oo taa ka longifwa moikoya yomakwatonghonga, nonhumbi to limonene omayakulo opashiwana.
Except that the most natural ingredient you can find on this plastic bottle seems to be Citric Acid, mixed in with the likes of Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Sodium Benzoate and Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium.