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a specialist in the study of freshwater ponds and lakes

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A limnologist, Harry Burton, had observed an unusual chemical stratification in a lake in Antarctica's Vestfold Hills.
It's a small amount relative to the total amount of nitrate in the lake," explains Stan Loeb, a limnologist at the University of Kansas and chair of the peer review committee for the ten-year study, "but the point is to avoid adding more nitrate to the lake.
8) In Part 1 of the book, Professor Edmondson recounts his experiences as a limnologist working on Lake Washington and his involvement in a campaign to clean up the lake.
It comes as no surprise that scientists should decide to focus on what the river can tell them about the rain forest, for as one young limnologist has noted, "It's so difficult to reach some places on foot, why not let the river do the walking for you?
Steve Weber, RBF's Limnologist and expert in watershed management, provides expertise nationally from the new Las Vegas office location of RBF.
Army Corps of Engineers in 1991 as the Portland District's limnologist and water-quality specialist.
Emaar has also employed a limnologist to monitor and treat the lake.
The job title limnologist applies to workers in many occupations who are trained in different scientific fields.
A limnologist, Soukup specializes in freshwater ecosystems.
Douglas Larson, a limnologist and an adjunct professor at Portland State University, first studied East and Paulina lakes during the 1960s as a graduate student at Oregon State University.
Limnologists usually aren't surprised to find chemical evidence of human activity in lakes with large populations nearby.
Whether they are of Ulster provenance or not, ornithologists, botanists, geologists, hill walkers, conservationists, entomologists, poets, conchologists, farmers, town planners, teachers, historians, limnologists, marine biologists, woodland managers, gardeners, politicians, clergy, zoologists and others will find much to interest, delight (and concern) them in the pages of this beautiful book.