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(electronics) a nonlinear electronic circuit whose output is limited in amplitude

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Randall points out that the road speed limiter will form part of the MOT test, so the settings have to be correct and match those on the vehicle sticker at all times.
The Speed Conscience software and the Intelligent Speed Limiter device is being targeted at fleet managers and individual motorists.
Building on this experience and knowhow we will now develop the next-generation fault current limiter which promises superior performance, technically and commercially.
Superconducting fault current limiters can limit short-circuit currents in power transmission and distribution grids very quickly, effectively, automatically and, thus, with a high degree of intrinsic safety, making reliable grid operation possible even under difficult conditions.
The new MADL-011014 is a high-power limiter that is appropriated to the most demanding applications needing high peak and cw power receive protection in air-traffic management and radar systems.
The UAE Ministry of Interior (MoI) had issued a notice for mandating speed limiters for private passenger buses that hold a capacity of 22 passengers in line with a recommendation it received to that effect from the Emirates Authority for Standardisation & Metrology (ESMA).
Mohammad Ashraf, Autograde's managing director, said the limiter would give drivers greater control over their vehicle, cut road fatalities and reduce fuel consumption.
The operational system of the mobile angular elongation limiter, which is positioned on the right side from the equilibrium position is based on the fact that the system is pulled by the impact of the pellet, and returned to the initial position by the impact of the pellet into the elongation limiter set on the left side from the equilibrium position.
Conclusion: Les programmes de planijication jamiliale pour-raient se trouver conjrontes a des couts superieurs et lesjemmes a de plus grands nombres de grossesses non planijiees si celles desireuses de limiter leurs naissances recourent aux injectables a long termey plutot que de passer aux methodes longue duree ou permanentes qui lew assureraient une plus grande efficacite contraceptive a moindre cout lorsqu'elles sont sures de ne plus vouloir d'enjants.
8220;We were expecting some high downloads after releasing free version of FB Limiter but this just went far above our expectations,” said marketing manager Marko Vujatovic on press conference held in company headquarters.
The panel of the processor contains four Portals, each capable of representing multiple audio channels of level and limiter metering along with text labels and mute controls.
The PGA can be used to adjust the sensitivity of analog inputs ensuring that recording levels are consistent, and also used as a limiter to avoid analog input overload distortion.
The Optical Power Limiter can serve as a damage protection device or as an optical power regulator.