limited war

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a war whose objective is less than the unconditional defeat of the enemy

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The Indian Army's New Limited War Doctrine," International Security 32, no.
He also rejected an American intelligence report that said that Indian armed forces were preparing for a limited war with China.
And there is the direction Spiller takes the thought: to argue that war today is limited war, a kind the soldier does not like to fight, a kind that seems like "playing with his life.
As we see U-turn after U-turn from the government on policies, the cost of the limited war on Libya escalating with no end in sight, and a long summer of cuts and discontent about to roll out in front of us, many would wonder if these coalition people could even be trusted to run a drinking contest in a brewery.
The line of demarcation was to remain substantially the same throughout the final two years of the war, and in this sense the UN had achieved their general goal of containment, a limited war, limited to the re-establishment of the status quo between the great powers present in the region as it had existed prior to the outbreak of hostilities.
A nuclear exchange in that part of the world especially if it is not contained immediately would force other nations including those with nuclear capabilities to take sides and a so called limited war becomes truly "the war that ends all wars" thus taking the title away from World War I.
Moreover, Israelis and people close to Hezbollah in Lebanon are talking about "another round," while many pundits in the Middle East believe that a limited war could unblock a stagnant political situation.
The strategy unveiled in 2004 has taken a significant importance with the statement given by the Indian Chief of the Army Staff General Deepak Kapoor in November 2009 that the possibility of a limited war under a 'nuclear overhang' in the region was likely to exist and reality, he said.
And there is no certainty that in a limited war with China, Pakistan would not open a second front.
In my time the tactics were limited war against the Cold War enemy, but now the USSR army has collapsed so all the tactics have changed.
Michael Kreppon's chapter on "Nuclear Risk Reduction in South Asia" has examined the applicability of the stability/instability paradox in the Indian sub-continent within the theoretical underpinnings of deterrence, limited war, escalation control and nuclear risk reduction.
Beyond disability, protection can be obtained for accidental death, including limited war and terrorism-related deaths.
The journal's first two issues include stories and articles on: effectiveness of analogical training in negotiations; social preferences and adherence to social norms; why negotiators should reveal their deadlines; the effects of relationship conflict; envy and the use of deception; emergent negotiating dynamics; gender differences in response to impression motivation; and, bargaining, communication and limited war.
Schaller praises President Bush's successful utilization of the United Nations to reverse Iraq's invasion of Kuwait as a textbook example of how to wage a limited war.
One scenario is that Damascus embarks on a limited war on Israel if the conflict with Hizbullah, unresolved from the 2006 summer war, reignites--as many in Lebanon and Israel fear it will--or if Iran is attacked by the US.
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