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(accounting) a service (less exhaustive than an audit) that provides some assurance to interested parties as to the reliability of financial data

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Rather than "fighting the text," the Court discerned "a national policy favoring arbitration with just the limited review needed to maintain arbitration's essential virtue of resolving disputes straightaway.
The Public Carriage Office is currently carrying out a second limited review of theLondon Conditions of Fitness, the regulations designed to ensure high standards for London's taxis.
The taxpayer appeal is not a trial de novo, but a limited review of evidence presented during the appeal to the BOE.
This limited review space doesn't allow for more than a suggestion of the book's contents, which also includes reference to Barnes' many legal battles with neighbors, the willing of his collection and foundation to the nations oldest African-American College, and much more.
A limited review cannot do justice to the subsequent chapters exploring such activity, which, like Jacqueline Bower's chapter on Kent towns, are enriched by detailed demographic analyses.
The FEI's December 10 letter to the SEC said: "We are not convinced that the limited review procedures that are required to be performed under SAS 71 will provide major incremental benefit in this area, but we understand the desire to improve financial reporting over a broad range of all types of companies.
This goes beyond the USPSTF limited review of only selected studies that underestimate the lifesaving benefit of mammography screening.
An initial limited review conducted by system officials concluded that there was no evidence of individual wrongdoing but that there was "sufficient reason for concern" to warrant review and revisions of system policies.
Instead, many will likely be scrambling to register and authenticate their identities during the limited review period before the information is made public, reducing the amount of time the physicians have to review their reports and file disputes as appropriate," she said.
Television presenter Bill Oddie, who lead the campaign, said: "It's hard to get excited about a limited review of an opaque policy sold to the public as a serious commitment to the world's forests.
Rolta India Limited, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions for many vertical segments, including Federal and State Governments, Defense and Homeland Security, Utilities, Process, Power, Banking and Insurance, today announced unaudited financial results for quarter ended December 31, 2012 (Q2 FY-13) which have undergone a limited review by statutory auditors of the company.
A supervisor in 2010 conducted a limited review of Ms.
He added: "For the so-called panel of experts to claim fracking is safe after such a limited review is bizarre.
Although it is not yet complete and GAO conducted only a limited review of its available components, FPA shows promise in achieving some of the key objectives originally established for it; nevertheless, the approach the agencies have taken hampers FPA from meeting other key objectives.
Just last month, Fannie Mae announced it was discontinuing limited review for new construction condos and limiting the loan to value for mature buildings, preventing many lenders from being able to finance new construction, said Debra Shultz, director and senior mortgage advisor at Manhattan Mortgage.
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