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a company that is organized to give its owners limited liability

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The first condition is that all the assets and liabilities of the partnership firm should be transferred to the limited company.
He said: "The sums involved offer value for money, although the current governance arrangements should be adjusted so that funds do not pass through a limited company.
The liabilities of the members of a private limited company are limited.
However, once you earn above PS25,000 a year, to maximise your income and minimise tax, it is generally better to use a limited company.
Nonetheless, there are significant tax advantages of operating through a limited company as well as other business advantages.
The football team and limited company are run separately.
Deputy Director General of Riyadh Exhibitions Limited Company Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Husseini pointed out that more than 400 companies from 15 Arab and foreign countries will take part in the five-day exhibition which is considered as one of the largest exhibitions in the field of information technology and telecommunications in the Kingdom.
As revealed in the Daily Post yesterday, the dispute is between a new limited company set up to organise the charity run, and members of the committee who claim they still have control.
Over the proceeding decades, Northern Rock Building Society merged with a number of small local building societies and, prior to its conversion to a public limited company in October 1997, was an amalgamation of 53 societies.
A draft regulation will be proposed that calls for ban from using vehicle company by both local and foreign investors to acquire a stake in a limited company in the country.
Q: I have a racing business and I was advised by my accountant to form a limited company.
ARBROATH fans could vote to turn their club into a limited company and wipe out its debt at a key meeting this month.
The conversion to a public limited company signifies the launch of a new consistent strategic and economic alignment with which Siegwerk Druckfarben AG is starting off into what they hope will be a successful future.
Targeted at libraries, law firms and corporate analysts and planners, the Corporate Researcher CD-ROM is designed to provide five years' information (where available) for each British-based limited company together with searching software for detailed targeting and analysis.
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