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Synonyms for limit

Synonyms for limit

a demarcation point or boundary beyond which something does not extend or occur

either of the two points at the ends of a spectrum or range


the boundary surrounding a certain area

the greatest amount or number allowed

the ultimate point to which an action, thought, discussion, or policy is carried

to place a limit on

Synonyms for limit

final or latest limiting point

as far as something can go

the mathematical value toward which a function goes as the independent variable approaches infinity

the greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed

decide upon or fix definitely

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Therefore, as a limitative life experience, it announces, presets and, in a way, shapes the possibility of death.
The Albanian migration system does not foresee limitative instruments, such as quotas, to any country and any work sector.
Dans les annees 1950, le psychiatre et philosophe Karl Jaspers, en evoquant ce qui est de l'ordre de la finalite dans le traitement, mettait en tension les approches de traitement avec un arriere-plan philosophique qui impliquent d'abord une conception de l'etre humain, et les approches qui estiment pouvoir s'en passer, mais qui en fait, vehiculent une conception de l'humain inevitablement limitative (Jaspers, 1956).
Although this criterion is somewhat limitative to characterize coaching experience, as it is a multidimensional variable, the extensive sample of this study does not allow to include a broad range of criteria.
Apart from this limitative category of express treaty derogations, the Court of Justice has also elaborated in its case law an additional, open category of grounds for justification based on imperative requirements in the general interest.
That has been one of the most important limitations of our research; the lack of data and people being quite sceptical had also been limitative factors for our research.
ii) What we also leave out of consideration here are adpositions and case markers that can be called terminative or limitative and that involve the continuation of an activity or motion up to a certain point, as in English until and French jusqu a (Beavers 2008; Beavers et al.
51) This measure is called "region-based limitative ratification" in China.
In each, Dunlap's earlier definition of "lawfare" is essentially in the negative, a caution against the limitative or constraining influence of law in war.
section] 101 ("The terms 'including' and 'such as' are illustrative and not limitative.
The Slavic perfectivity selects the inherent limit(s) and is not employed to denote the activity in which a person was engaged in (the so called general-factual meaning); only the so-called limitative and perdurative Aktionsart(s) resemble very much the Romance Perfective (-INTRA) (12).
Notwithstanding the requirement of a causal link, the commentary to Article 31 also suggests that material or moral damage can be read broadly: "[t]his formulation is intended both as inclusive, covering both material and moral damage broadly understood, and as limitative, excluding merely abstract concerns or general interests of a State which is individually unaffected by the breach.
Or, ces reminiscences ne parviennent a le soustraire ni a l'indigence, ni a l'isolement du present: Claude est donc invariablement ramene dans la sphere tres limitative et prosaique de sa "cellule" et de ce Paris etouffant.
L'insuffisance des moyens territoriaux s'avere une autre contrainte limitative considerable dans l'appropriation de responsabilites publiques au Quebec.
Mais, comme le savent bien tous les conteurs, la verite est plutot limitative.