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a man of English descent


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Cruise, which is one of the UK's leading independent luxury retailers with 11 stores located in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Harrogate and Chester, occupies a similar niche to Limeys and will take over the management of the brand.
West Villager Matt Kennedy, 24, gasped in relief when the 90-minutemen evened the scored against the lame limeys.
They were called ignorant limeys and told to go back whence they came.
Coat - H & M pounds 80 Shoes - Limeys pounds 89 Trousers - Selfridges pounds 60 Shirt - can't remember
There is so much great about the US--we fucking kicked the Limeys out, didn't we?
Why doesn't he just list all the atrocities carried out by these evil dictators, make us limeys cook up another dossier about their WMDs, convince the free world it is their moral duty to stand up for human rights, pressurise the UN to cobble together a resolution, then bomb the place into submission?