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a man of English descent


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Refreshing and minerally with ripe stone fruits and a limey, tropical fruit finish.
Erysimum thrive in chalky, limey soil and the bees love them.
If your soil is limey you can still grow these types either in containers or raised beds filled with lime free ericaceous compost.
In the northern Bowen Basin area, D'Aguilar geologists have recognised a similar set of favourable parameters - limey and carbonaceous sediments and volcanic rocks in regionally extensive Coal Measures at the base of the Bowen Basin, which have been faulted and sheared to produce a porous and permeable host able to absorb mineralising solutions emanating from porphyry style intrusions emplaced in long and pervasive fault corridors, as occurs in Nevada.
In fact, Bondy's paymasters would probably regard Tesco plc in its entirety as some kind of Limey mom and pop store.
The Jefferson brothers DJ'd while guests like Nuge, Belton, Braydon, and Aeosta listened to tales of Erik's debut as Budweiser's Limey the Lime.
Jevons is a limey with a thick northern British accent and the gift of gab--which is perhaps why some locals call his lace "The Flying Windbag"--making it a must for barhopping gossips.
This scene from Steven Soderbergh's The Limey (1999), featuring Peter Fonda as the cool, corrupt protagonist, recently got me thinking about that brief but influential fragment of time we call the psychedelic moment, a period steeped in fantasy, instantly mythologized and marketed.
The silty limey mudstones or limestones of the Undifferentiated Chouteau/ McCraney seem to contain more whole Graptolites, which may represent the environment from which the Graptolites lived.
Beautiful meadowy, gingery aroma; limey and crisp on the palate.
The Cinebar was launched this week by Bass Ireland at La Lea in Belfast with the screening of Steven Soderbergh's The Limey, featuring Terence Stamp and Peter Fonda.
Bursting with gooseberry, passion fruit and a limey zestiness, it is herbaceous with a rich tropical palate.
Spain's fishing capital Galicia, north-west Spain, is famed for its Albarino, an aromatic, trendy white wine from Rias Baixas with a distinctive limey zestiness.
It needs an acid soil but even if your soil is limey, it grows well in a large tub filled with lime-free compost.