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Synonyms for limelight



Synonyms for limelight

a focus of public attention

a lamp consisting of a flame directed at a cylinder of lime with a lens to concentrate the light

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Scott, of Chester, scooped the December award when he ended the month on 195 points, 18 ahead of Limelighters from Bristol.
Bud and Travis: The Best of Bud & Travis (Collectors' Choice Music CCM-065) Growing up during the folk music boom in the '60s, I quickly tired of the hokey jokes and limited musical range of the Kingston Trio and the Limelighters, but I played the grooves off Bud & Travis' In Concert album.
While at RCA, Plumb signed various musical acts to the company, including The Limelighters, the Monkees and Jefferson Airplane.
There are some interesting illustrations, although there is a typing error on page 89, note 18: the limelighters (candlebearers) illuminate, not illustrate the faces of the actors.
Yarbrough's band, The Limelighters, made the hotel their main stage.