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The lime tree avenue is thought to have been planted by John Wynne in 1732.
Retirement villages in the UK are not gated like they are in America, they are very much part of their local communities," says Lime Tree Village's manager Patrick Johnson.
Lime Tree Cafe was one of the first locations in Dubai to sell organic fair trade coffee and tea.
The Chinese silver lime tree was one of 17 planted from all over the world - including a giant redwood - at the Wallsend Parks.
Lime Tree Europe has more than 40 years' exporting and logistics experience in the electrical, engineering, nursery and toy industries in Europe, US and the Middle and Far East while set-top box manufacturer Pace Plc is global market leader, selling to Belgium, India, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE and USA.
This experiment compared numbers of psyllids captured on traps, each with 0, 1, or 2 LED type lights, in cages containing no vegetation, a plastic field box of lemons, or a Mexican lime tree.
Following its recent restructure and rebranding, which has seen the charity's workforce more than double since the start of the year, it has completed a move from offices on Cowbridge Road to a new 3,541 sq ft office unit at Lime Tree Court on a 10-year lease.
CHI Development Group, the Irish backed third party developer that built Lime Tree Valley (LTV), a collection of 121 golf-side villas at master developer
2m of small trees, mainly elms, to restore a hedge; remove regrowth from a lime tree stump; lift to 4m the crown of a horse chestnut tree; lift to 4m the crown of a lime tree and remove ivy, and the removal of epicormic growth and ivy from another lime tree.
Co-op's Lime Tree range offers sound own-label wine from reliable shippers.
A MATURE lime tree is to be felled in Lichfield's Beacon Park.
HOW do you solve a problem like a lime tree - especially one that is blocking the light and dripping sticky ooze on top of your car.
The Lamb, along with Lime Tree Park from Coventry and Cambridge side City Life, are the latest bunch to triumph in Is Your Kit The Pits?
The Mersey Forest has launched its strategy to save the region's urban trees by planting a lime tree on Stanley Road, Bootle,one of the city's busiest roads.
A: The problems your friend is having with his carrotwood (Cupaniopis anacardioides) should warn as to what could happen if he planted a lime tree.