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a border or edge of any of various body parts distinguished by color or structure

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Implementing agency : Osnovna ola Rada Robica Limbu
For lower eyelids, surgical outcomes were defined as favorable when the lower lid rested at the limbus, acceptable when the lower lid margin rested within 1 mm above or below the lower limbus, and unsatisfactory when the lower lid rested more than 1 mm above or below the limbus.
Detailed examination of eye showed penetrating foreign body within the globe to be a wooden splinter at 6 o'clock position near the limbus.
Recurrence is characterised by growth of fibrovascular tissue onto the cornea over the limbus and results from proliferation of fibroblasts.
1) Also known as posterior limbus bones or fractures, these injuries are unique to the immature spine and are characterized by separation of an osseous fragment at the superior or inferior edge of the posterior vertebral body.
Kayser-Fleischer ring is an outcome of abnormal copper deposition in the membrane in the limbus of cornea.
The following year, Maucione (4) described a conjunctival myxoma occurring in a 59-year-old man who had a 6-year history of painless growth located in the medial canthus of the eye near the limbus.
Limbal stem cells reside in the eye's basal limbal epithelium, or limbus, and help maintain and regenerate corneal tissue.
Limbal stem cells reside in the eye's basal limbal epithelium or limbus and help maintain and regenerate corneal tissue.
The corneoconjunctival dermoid extended beyond the inferomedial limbus and then merged with the hairless tissue within the inferomedial bulbar conjunctiva of the left eye (Fig.
Srikhola is inhabited by the people of hill tribes like Lepchas, Sherpas, tamangs and limbus.
Busque, busque con teson lo que mis ojos ansiaban contemplar, el keherpas de Zoroastro, el kaleb persa, el kwei-shan de la filosofia india; el archsus de Paracelso, el limbus de Swedenborg; oi la palabra de los monjes budhistas en medio de las florestas del Thibet; estudie los diez sephiroth de la kabala, desde el que simboliza el espacio sin limites hasta el que, llamado Malkuth, encierra el principio de la vida.