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Antonyms for limbed

having or as if having limbs, especially limbs of a specified kind (usually used in combination)


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Trees were limbed to remove mistletoe and hazard branches.
The Tree Recycling Yard offers free pickup to remove felled and limbed trees in the San Francisco Bay Area.
But listen first to the Sam Cooke tones of Long Limbed Girl, the old school R&B of Not Too Long Ago, and the barbed lyric of I Trained Her To Love Me.
Despite the usual long limbed interceptions from Catrin Davies and strong work by the attacks in the centre third, SWTSG slowly found themselves trailing to the girls in purple.
Show bosses had placed an advertisement for a "loose limbed person" in local Jobcentres in a bid to find a performer to fit into an 18-inch diameter and 2ft high laboratory bottle.