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Antonyms for limbed

having or as if having limbs, especially limbs of a specified kind (usually used in combination)


References in classic literature ?
Only a well-set-up, long- limbed, active-looking man of forty talking with two ladies near a window remarked aloud, with an unexpected depth of feeling: "Eighteen stone, I should say, and not five foot six.
Crews cut the best trees, dragged them through the understory, and limbed them alongside new roads of questionable quality, creating wide rows of slash.
Shed loads of presence, personality and a loose limbed performance that was full of expression and feeling.
Marquez is small, dark, and long limbed, with beautiful, extended arabesques and highly arched feet.
Despite the usual long limbed interceptions from Catrin Davies and strong work by the attacks in the centre third, SWTSG slowly found themselves trailing to the girls in purple.