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of a pale purple color

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The mildly fragrant chinaberry flowers are small and lilac-colored, with five petals surrounding a purple tube.
Three right angles keep sliding on top of each other; black, white, and blue cubes dissolve into lilac-colored fields; a black sphere is split in half by an orange circle.
The readership numbers -- printed on lilac-colored pages that stand apart from the FAS-FAX canary yellow pages devoted to circulation -- showed only one category of numbers for each paper, "total average issue adult readers.
For example, in the early 1990s the proprietors of a well-known European brand sought to protect the distinctive lilac-colored rectangular logo associated with its milk chocolate product.
Lantana montevidensis is a trailing plant with lilac-colored flowers.
Perhaps you remember Magic Earring Ken (also known as Gay Ken), who wore black pants with pink stitching, a lilac-colored mesh shirt and a pink vest?
Reynolds Prayer Room, featuring lilac-colored walls, cherub-themed borders around a window facing into the church, a small sofa, a walnut and marble coffee table and a framed photo of Reynolds.
Owners Susie Schofield and Lisa Bodhaine opened their spacious lilac-colored salon with crystal chandeliers and a real pastry case filled with pet goodies about six months ago.
OBT's dancers proved themselves capable--in some cases more than capable--of performing the airy nineteenth-century romantic steps, but the series of solos, duets, and ensemble bits is much too long, and couturiere Mary McFadden's lilac-colored tights still obscure the articulation of the feet.
But one of the most touching mementos was a lilac-colored quilt, sewn by her oldest grandchild, Marina Vallejo, 62.